Kicking Computer

* Unwanted pop ups
* Odd/Unusual behaviour
* Difficult to use your internet
* Random keyboard/mouse activity
* Unexpected sounds
* Programs start unexpectedly
* Freezing or slow running
* Operating system won’t load

Your computer maybe infested with malware or viruses.

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Regular Check-ups


It is highly recommended that people get regular check-ups done on their vehicles, furnaces/Air conditioners and large appliances to keep them running at their peak. Why should your computer be any different. Computers can be an expensive piece of machinery, so taking precautionary measures will save you aggravation, time and money in the long run


Simple tips to keep your computer in top form

Keep things up-to-date


Check Your Disk Space


Organize and name your files


Back up data regularly

Clean your computer


Note: Performing regular maintenance on your computer should be left to the professionals so you are not removing necessary files.