Kicking Computer

* Unwanted pop ups
* Odd/Unusual behaviour
* Difficult to use your internet
* Random keyboard/mouse activity
* Unexpected sounds
* Programs start unexpectedly
* Freezing or slow running
* Operating system won’t load

Your computer maybe infested with malware or viruses.

April's Computer Houeskeeping can HELP!


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As a woman on my own, I have always been very leery about trusting my computer needs to larger firms. I have known April for more than 13 years and I would trust her with my life. Her knowledge about computers, hardware, software and your specific needs is immeasurable. She has always been a great help to me whenever I have computer issues. I have not hesitated in recommending April to some of my friends and they are very satisfied with the end result. 

In this day and age, it is very easy to be scammed however; you would always be in good hands with April.

Lois C.
Lindsay, ON

April has always been able to answer my questions and needs quickly and efficiently. She has saved me more times than I can count.

She has been able to revive my computer when I thought the computer had crashed for good, plus she has taught me how to use my computer more effectively and how to do my own general computer maintenance in order for my computer to run more smoothly.  

I have recommended her to friends as she has always solved my computer problems.  

Shirley C.
Lindsay, ON

"Thanks April for all your expertise over the years. You have always taken care of my professional & personal technology needs. It has been a relief & comfort to know I could depend on you to keep up-to-date in this ever-changing world of technology."

Sherri C.
Pontypool, ON

April has spent 20 years developing her knowledge and skills in all areas of computer maintenance, updating and installing software and hardware, trouble shooting and repairing more problems than I can remember. While working full time, she took several computer courses including website design (her own website is one of her designs). On the phone or in person, she talks me through what I think are complex situations and makes it easy. Her warm personality, gentle approach and extreme patience will make her a success, of that I am sure. 

Karen Rae Short
Fenelon Falls, ON

April has worked on my home computer and my laptop on numerous occasions, either diagnosing an issue or regular maintenance. I have been pleased with the outcome every single time. She is very patient and will always work to find a resolution. She is also great at researching issues and finding the answers she needs to complete a task. I would recommend her to anyone on computer issues.

Linda M
Lindsay, ON