Kicking Computer

* Unwanted pop ups
* Odd/Unusual behaviour
* Difficult to use your internet
* Random keyboard/mouse activity
* Unexpected sounds
* Programs start unexpectedly
* Freezing or slow running
* Operating system won’t load

Your computer maybe infested with malware or viruses.

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A Note on Viruses


A virus is a small software that attaches itself to one of your programs and when you use that program the virus itself is turned on. After that the virus starts to reproduce and attaches to other programs, infecting them too. Then the Viruscomputer is in danger and it spreads so fast that people can’t even get a chance to react sometimes.

Viruses can be spread through multimedia systems too, like cd’s, dvd’s, usb drives, etc. You should scan those with an Anti-Virus application first before you use them.

Also, do not open E-Mails from unknown senders. When reading your e-mail remember that the bad guys aim is usually to get their trojan software onto your PC, so they will try anything that will entice the recipient to open  and run the attachment often a zip file, or entice you to send your personal information to them, for example user ID and password or bank account details.Never ever give anyone your personal information!